Booran Lodge

Booran Lodge is home to John Salanitri Racing, located at Caulfield, Victoria.

We have access to state of the art facilities at Caulfield Racecourse ensuring horses get the best possible chance. We also have access to water aquasizer when required. Our facilities include;

> 8 large covered day yards
> 16 stables
> Equine Swimming pool
> Barrier trial Jumpouts weekly
> Hurdles/Schooling
> 8 Various tracks

> Agistment within 40 min
> Beach work
> Water Walker/Treadmill Access

We work with a small team in a prime location to ensure that all horses get the best opportunity. Our horses exercise morning and afternoon, we have the best care available Gordon Duncan (Vet) & Daniel Chambers (Farrier) attend on a daily basis and Dr Lindsay Elliot (Chiropractor), Mark Burnell (Dentist) are also on call.

Melbourne Horse Transport are contracted to do our race & paddock work to ensure that the horses are not held up for any longer than they should be.